5 Places to Visit in Texas When It’s Too Dang Hot

download (61)In Texas the summer heat can get overwhelmingly intense. The sweat accumulating on your forehead pools and drips down into your eyes as that freshly showered feeling fades away moments after stepping outside. While the sun is directly overhead turning your vehicle into a personal sauna, the idea of hanging out outside becomes much less appealing. Luckily Texas has as many things to do inside as it does outside.

Here are 5 places to visit in Texas when it's too dang hot!

1. Bluebell Creamery

What better way to beat the heat than with ice cream! The Bluebell Creameries and Headquarters are a fun attraction to visit. Book a local tour and see how Blue Bell ice cream is made, manufactured, and learn all of the company's history, or simply visit the Country Store or Ice Cream Parlor during the week for a quick stop during a day trip.

2. Winery Tours

Texas has many wineries sprinkled throughout the central region known as Hill Country. Check out one of many award winning wineries nestled among the picturesque backdrop of Texas' natural beauty. Windy Winery and Pleasant Hill Winery are a few to consider. Take a tour throughout the winery and see how high quality wine is made or stay perfectly content in the wine tasting rooms to avoid the blazing heat.

3. Brenham Heritage Museum

Located in Brenham, Texas this museum tells visitors the rich history of Washington County and offers history buffs and native Texans an exciting look into Texas during the 1900's. Exhibits highlight events such as The Civil War leading to the founding of the city itself as well as mostly forgotten history during Spain's dominance. View artifacts, antiques, and historical maps and spend a day getting lost in history indoors.

4. Mainstreet District

The history lessons don't stop at the Heritage Museum. Afterwards, there is plenty to do in the Mainstreet District of the city. The buildings themselves tell a story while housing stores for shopping, caf├ęs for chatting, and local restaurants to dine in.

5. Historic House Tours

Also in Washington County, the historic house tours attract many visitors and provide a fun historic attraction to keep you out of the heat. Visit the Ross Carroll Bennett House, Giddings Wilkin House, and Giddings Stone Mansion, to get a taste of what luxury life was like during the late 1800's leading into the 29th Century.

With so many things to do and see in Texas there is no reason to slave away outside in the summer heat. Plan a day trip or weekend escape today and see all that Texas has to offer.