Celebrate 4th Of July On A Las Vegas To Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

images (10)If you're taking a trip over the July 4th holiday, it's time to finalize your plans now because Independence Day is just around the corner. A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon is a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday, however, the seats on these tours fill up fast, so you need to lock in your tour now.

Booking Online Is Easy And Gets You Good Deals

Buying your tour online is the easiest way to get your seats. Also, when you buy your tour online, you get to use the low Internet rate so you can save money. Tour operators make it easy to buy your seats online because it makes it more convenient for them too. That's why the lowest prices are online, some tours are as low as 35 percent off the price you would have to pay elsewhere.

Also, it's a lot easier to buy your tour in advance when you do it online. Buying early is one of the best ways to ensure a low price on your tour because the price tends to rise as the tour date approaches. So, get your tour booked about one or two weeks in advance and do all you can to avoid booking it within 48 hours of departure, or you'll have to pay a premium price.

Online booking is available for West Rim tours, which are the closest tours to Vegas, as well as the South Rim tours, which go farther into Arizona. Besides choosing the location of your tour, you get to choose the type of tour you want to take. Helicopters are allowed to land on top of the West Rim or on the bottom of the Canyon there, but helicopter tours of the South Rim are air only since helicopters are prohibited from landing in that portion of the Canyon. The flights depart hourly on a daily basis when it is daylight.

West Rim Helicopter Tours

Here's where you get to choose between a landing or air-only tour. It is recommended you take a landing tour if you can. Why would you want to do that? Because you'll get to see and do a whole lot more at the Canyon. You'll not only get to see amazing sights from the air such as the Hoover Dam and the Canyon, you'll also get to see the Canyon up close when your helicopter lands on top of the rim or on the Canyon floor by the Colorado River.

If you land on top of the rim, you can hike on one of several scenic trails and visit the lookout points, and you can also visit the famous Skywalk. The Skywalk is an impressive architectural feat. The Skywalk is a viewing platform made of steel and transparent panels that extends 70 feet beyond the edge of the rim and is suspended 4000 feet above the Canyon floor below.

You could land at the bottom of the Canyon too, which is a very popular choice since there are fun things to do there. You can toast your exhilarating descent into the Canyon with a fun champagne picnic, and when you're finished, you can hop on board a pontoon boat for a scenic ride along the Colorado River that flows along the base of the Canyon.

If you want a truly comprehensive experience of the Canyon, you can upgrade your helicopter tour to include a visit to both the top and bottom of the rim.

Touring The South Rim

Tusayan, Arizona is situated near the South Rim, and that is where the South Rim tours start. If you'll be departing from Vegas, you can add a one-hour plane flight to your tour package that takes you right to the airport in Tusayan where you'll board the helicopter.

While your helicopter won't land in the Canyon, you will still be treated to many amazing views. The standard helicopter tour gives you 30 minutes of flight time and covers the ground between the South Rim and the remote North Rim. The extended tour is longer, and you should consider taking it because in addition to going to the North Rim, you also get to fly to the eastern edge of the park. This longer tour flies over about 3/4 of the entire park, so you'll get to see quite a few interesting and beautiful sights.