Weigh The Pros and Cons of Retirement In The Philippines

images (9)Is retirement in the Philippines a wise decision? You have to weigh the pros and cons of retiring to the Philippines to come up with the most viable answer. It's one thing to spend a fabulous holiday in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, but it's precisely another thing to live your golden years there. Retirement in the Philippines is a serious commitment.

What Are The Cons?

Consider that the Philippines is a third-world country. Infrastructure such as transportation as well as public utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, mobile phone and the internet and the postal service may not be as efficient as you expect. Although these amenities are widely available in the Philippines, they may not work as consistently and dependably than in your current country. Brown-outs happen from time to time, but your option for this problem is to get a generator. Don't expect the highways to be like the motorways in your home country, too. Public transportation just leaves and arrives whenever and it's not unusual for two vehicles trying to fit in one lane. In a lot of areas in the Philippines, there's greater mobile phone coverage than landlines as well. High speed internet is available in major cities but not in remote and far-flung areas. Retirement in the Philippines entails that you have to curb your enjoyment a bit for these modern luxuries.

The Pros of Retirement In The Philippines

The big pro of retirement in the Philippines is the cost of living. In the Philippines, your hard-earned Dollar, Euro, Pound or whatever currency will go a long way. In fact, it can go further than what you can believe possible. Many foreigners who are retiring in the Philippines live off on a $1,000 budget a month. It typically depends on how lavish your lifestyle is, but this amount can usually suffice for a comfortable and decent way of living. If you can't afford a house or to hire maids and a driver where you live now, you can, by all means do so in the Philippines. It'll feel as if you're living on top of the world if you retire in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a tropical environment, which means you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing life. Although the weather tends to be hot and humid, remember that you can afford a luxurious life in the Philippines which means you can retire by the beach and enjoy the cool wind blowing on your face or otherwise have your whole house air-conditioned. Not everyone is comfortable with hot humid weathers, but there are beautiful and cool places in the Philippines, such as Baguio City, known as the country's summer capital. Here, you can enjoy the cool, fresh mountain breeze.

The Largest English Speaking Country In Asia

The Filipino people are some of the most friendly people in the world. You'll be comfortable with their giving and relaxed nature. As they say, even if the Filipinos and their country are poor, they are rich in joy and happiness. A smile is always readily given in the Philippines.

Communication is not difficult in the Philippines because it is the largest English-speaking country in Asia. In most cities, you will not have a hard time talking to shop assistants and taxi drivers because English is common in these locations.

Retirement in the Philippines is not like retiring in the U.S. or any European country, but it has its perks. Give it a good thought if you think retirement in the Philippines is the best option for you.