What Is There to Do In Turkey? More Appropriately, What Isn’t There to Do?

download (65)Dalyan Mud Bath

There's nothing like the rejuvenating mud baths featuring Sulphur-rich mud that leaves the skin feeling clean, soft and youthful. Surrounded by natural beauty, this is an Oludeniz, Turkey holiday experience that is unlike any other. There are also mineral pools that visitors can dip into and heal naturally. Discover the beauty and wonder of Dalyan when spending a pristine day out on the river.

Don't miss the 2300-year-old Lycian tombs built into the rock hillside while cruising down the delta. Here, the sea turtles frolic and if lucky enough everyone will get to see and possibly feed them. Soak up the sun, take a swim and relax at this popular destination.

As a once in a lifetime experience, paragliding is a great way for one to get airborne and feel the weightlessness and thrill of flying. There are many commercial take off points in Oludeniz, and the sites are phenomenal. 360 degree turns will be experienced while taking in the view of the Babadag Mountain among other natural wonders.

Most experiences last around 30 minutes. If there's anyone in the group that is too nervous to try, they can watch from a designated landing area and will be informed of which paragliders are their travel companions.

Jeep Safari

A fun excursion for Oludeniz, Turkey holidays is spending a day in a convoy of Jeeps that travel the Turkish country side. Travelers will see various villages to include Yakapark TroutFarm, Saklikent gorge and the mud baths. This is the perfect way to see the real Turkey and get an authentic experience that's unforgettable. This adventure is perfect for the entire family or travel group.

Scuba Diving, Fishing and Boating

The options for water activities are endless on an Oludeniz, Turkey holiday. Both new and experienced divers will appreciate the beauty beneath the sea here. From sea turtles to colorful corals and much more there are experiences for all ages, including a "bubble watch" option for those who aren't keen on diving.

Fishing enthusiasts will love trawl fishing for amberjack, tuna, barracuda and MahiMahias well as deep sea fishing for grouper and red snapper. Expect to bring home a great catch with a fishing tour on their Oludeniz, Turkey holiday.

Finally, boating is a favorite pastime here, and white water rafting and canoeing are great for all experience levels. Travelers can control the level of thrill they experience with a tame canoe trip or a thrilling raft ride.

What Others Say

Visitors rave about the experiences they've had on their Oludeniz, Turkey holiday. There are commercial things for families and kids to do, like the Bubble Park with inflatable fun, and Aqua park featuring several waterslides. Then there are all out adventures perfect for all. For anyone who is an explorer at heart, the sand, sea and nature of this area is second to none.

Everyone in the travel party is sure to enjoy themselves. Having a great travel plan is important so aligning with a talented agent or agency is a smart move. They can arrange everything from start to finish and also secure the best deals on accommodations, food and entertainment.